Business Bay and including the Business Bay Apartments are in tune with the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum, the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and the Ruler of Dubai. It is to help make Dubai an international business and commercial hub where the best of the world can be found. The development of Business Bay was started to create a city within the the city of Dubai. And as such, it is a residential, business, and industrial center.

The Business Bay Apartments are located in a property development with an area of 64 million square feet. This is composed of residential, and office buildings. When you walk around you will be amazed at the expertly designed roads and pathways interconnecting the various buildings and facilities within the Business Bay. There are also beautifully landscaped gardens to complement the modern structures and to add a touch of green to this modern city.

The Business Bay is located on a new extension of the Dubai Creek and covering an area from Ras Al Khor to the Sheikh Zayed Road.

Business Bay Apartments

For the busy and successful executive, living in the Business Bay Apartments is an ideal situation as the Business Bay itself is being geared to be Dubai’s answer to New York City’s Manhattan or to Tokyo’s Ginza. In the near future, the Business Bay will be Dubai’s main business district and may cover even its surrounding areas.

The economic progress of Dubai is continuous, and while before its prosperity may only be dependent on the Creek area, it is now changing. During the 1970s, the dredging of the Creek was begun and thus contributed to the amazing change of Dubai into a global business center. It may already be over 30 years since that happened, but the city’s progress and transformation goes on.

Business Bay Apartments

These advancements that the city of Dubai is experiencing is even made more evident with the establishment of various property developments within its borders. Among these are the Dubai International Financial Center, Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, and the Dubai Healthcare City. The Jumeirah Beach Residence, Business Bay and the Business Bay Apartments can also be included in this list. Each of these developments contributed to the popularity of Dubai as the city where the world’s businesses are made and the top executives converge.

Through the years, such developments have attracted large international corporations into the city of Dubai. The government on the other hand, has favorably responded to this influx of businesses by creating rules and regulations that can be labeled as business-friendly.

Business Bay Apartments

And where are the Business Bay Apartments at the midst of all these developments? The Business Bay Apartments will provide a high class way of living for the people who want to be at the center of all of these advancements in the global economy, more particularly in the region and Dubai. Because when you want to work and play with the best of them, you will surely want to live in the best residential property that Dubai has to offer.