Millennials have already surpassed the baby boom generation as the biggest travel spenders. As a result, the people in the tourist sector are trying to be more receptive of their needs and preferences. With millennials is not just about going to places, but experiencing and absorbing the local culture as well, all while following certain moral and ethical norms. Another typical trait for millennials is they are pretty tech-savvy, and they always want to make the most for their money.

Thailand, and Phuket, in particular, are already on board with that and already made certain adjustments to their offer. The following list consists of various activities and things that most millennials will find them to be very interesting and fun to do.

Take Thai Cooking Lessons

Thai cuisine is world famous, and most westerners have tried at least one traditional Thai dish. Phuket has several cooking schools for tourists willing to learn the secrets of Thai cuisine. There are even some restaurants where you can both order and take cooking classes.

Spend Time in a Rescue Center For Abused Animals

In recent years, much has been done in animal protection. In Phuket, you can find rescue centers for elephants, Gibbons rehabilitation center, and tiger kingdom. In each of these places, the animals are treated humanely, and visitors can spend time with them.


Enroll in a Walking And Tasting Tour Around Phuket

A walking and tasting tour will take you across the city where you can learn about the architecture of the old Phuket town, visit the local shrines and temples, and taste amazing food prepared in local eateries.

Take A Stand Up Paddle Board Tour

Like it or not, Phuket is packed with tourists during peak season. Stand up paddle board tours are perfect for avoiding the crowds. Typically they last around three hours, a period in which an instructor teaches you how to do standing paddling before starting your water trip.

Surin Beach

Visit Khao Sok National Park

The Khao Sok National park is where you can find one of the oldest rain forests in the region. There you can do cave exploring, track wild animals like tigers and elephants, go on bamboo rafting, and so on. There are various tours in which you get to explore different parts and aspects of this national park, one of the last untouched forests in Phuket.

Airport Transfer in Phuket

The airport transfer Phuket options are the airport bus, rent-a-car, airport taxi, or welcome pickups. The bus is the cheapest option, but it only runs during the day and is often overcrowded. Renting a car is quite expensive, but it is an option if money is no object. The airport taxi is available 24/7, but most of the drivers don’t speak any English, and you need to find someone to translate where you want to go. Then there is the welcome pickups service. They offer online booking, flat fee, and an English speaking driver that will wait for you at your airport exit.